‘Where you study’ is a crucial decision as your educational credentials become an integral part of your identity. Hence, this decision should be taken after due deliberation. It’s also important to note that the foundation of an individual’s professional ‘network’ is laid/ initiated at the college level. Leaving these decisions to the last minute or basing them on half-baked information would be self-defeating. Students need to be proactive. It is inexplicable that although most young students make a career choice early in life, very few make a concurrent effort to decide on their dream colleges! The end result is at best a


Our team has often wondered why most parents and youngsters who would spend days deliberating on which fancy car to buy next, make no effort to see the college that their kids would eventually spend their most significant years in? Our team encourages parents and young students to forsake a pleasure
holiday to take a familiarization trip to the top schools of the world to see how the top professionals of the world are groomed and what keeps these universities ahead of the others and makes them brands to reckon with.

These familiarization tours are of two types:
The Ivy League circuit: this takes you through all the Ivy League campuses
The Elite club: this takes you through the top ten institutes
Visiting these campuses gives you an insight into how it feels to be a part of their community which is best experienced first-hand. These campuses are outstanding and well worth the effort. The visit gives an insider’s perspective on academics and student life at these schools. It includes an information session where an admissions officers/ current students will share information about academic programs, admissions, competitive strengths, facilities, student clubs, financial aid, academics, extracurricular activities and residential life.



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