Personality Development and Confidence Building Program

The Personality Development Program focuses on skills that students need to possess to succeed in today’s competitive global environment. The program focuses on enhancing self confidence and self belief through personal motivation. It helps students build crucial communication, presentation, leadership, and interpersonal skills.


Program Duration : 4 months
Contact Hours : 6 per month


Effective Communication and Reading Program

This program helps students communicate their thoughts more articulately, speak with authority, make powerful arguments, and express themselves with clarity and eloquence. It encourages students to read books and material outside their curriculum and develop critical thinking and analysing skills.


Program Duration : 4 months
Contact Hours : 6 per month


Building Skills For Job Search

This covers:

  • Developing a comprehensive job search strategy.
  • Understanding the role and method of research into companies and industries.
  • Learning to improvise job search skills and using social media platforms effectively.
  • Providing resume and cover letter critiques.
  • Building a resume and cover letter.
  • Mastering the art of taking interviews and subsequent follow ups.
  • Networking in person and in the digital world.
  • Understanding the importance of internships and work shadowing.
  • Guidance on building personal profile/branding.
  • Exploring options of higher studies abroad to open global career opportunities.
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